Flight information

Welcome to DirectNonstop.com, a useful reference site for nonstop and direct flight information. Helping visitors find what airlines if any might have nonstop flights between their origin and destination airports is one of the focuses of these pages, as well as providing typical flight time duration and flight distances. The site’s pages also list both city names and three letter airport codes which makes it easier to search for and find direct or nonstop flights.

There are a few ways to utilize this website to find the direct / nonstop flight details you may be looking for. The most direct route may be to use the search box in the upper right. Simply type in the pair of cities you’re planning your trip between, and press return or click on the search icon. Entering either the city names or the airport codes is generally fine. Another way to navigate this travel site is to use the drop down State / Country menu. Doing so will pull up numerous flight pages for you to select from.

Why spend time seeking out a nonstop or direct flight? Saving travel time and avoiding the risk of a missed connection are some such reasons. Nonstop flights do not make stops between the origination and destination airports, so there is no connecting flight to miss. Once your nonstop flight takes off, you are pretty much set. Direct flights, which mean flights between airports with no change in airline flight number, are also often a good choice, but can involve a connection. It’s important to be aware that while many people use direct flight synonomously with non-stop flight, the two do have different technical meanings, and it’s typically the non stop flight people are actually looking for.

Enjoy the site, and hope you find the most convenient nonstop and direct flights you are looking for as you plan your travel.

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